Comments: Coming To A City Near You?

Vail, CO has their own assault weapon ban as well. As an aside, a couple of years ago I was looking in the window of one of the Saab cop cars the police used to drive up here and what should I see? Not the usual shot gun, but an MP5 with full select fire capability. Turns out that police department has several as well as a bunch of real assualt rifles. Who new I was living in such a dangerous area.

Posted by Brass at July 11, 2005 08:36 AM

Yeah, the biggest thing any government can do WRT the diminishment of your rights is to eclipse them as being "too dangerous" for the common man to have - only their trained killers - I mean "professionals," can handle a weapon of such trendous destructive power.

Thus Vail, with its daily incursions of armed Al Qaida operatives, Right-Wing Rovian Republicans in their cammies, and Mafiosi chub-steaks in black Lincolns with Uzis, can keep its ultra-rich citizenry safe from such characters, and from its own dangerous townies, too.

Soon, such governmental altruism will reveal itself in your little community. All hail the spectre of Public Safety!

P.S. Call me. Let's go shooting on Sunday - I want to see how my handloads are gonna do in the JLD PTR-91.

Posted by Libercontrarian at July 11, 2005 11:25 PM
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