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well reasoned post. Several days ago, I might have disagreed...

but I'm moving toward your position,

I'm a Springfield O3A3 lover!


Posted by Kermit at August 7, 2005 05:17 AM

I have a Springfield o3, made in Rock Island, and a Krag-Jorgenson made in Springfield. What wonderful work. Hundreds of compound curves, all made with precision, polish, and economy.

OK, they are both sportersterized, but the metal is original. I bought the Krag because the feed pattern is something I intend to copy for my "invention". bullpup with dual magazine and downward ejection pattern. They have very impressive machining.

I live in California. If you need to have a convention, consider having it in the high desert, where we tend to be well armed, and support RKBA.

Posted by Don Meaker at August 7, 2005 03:04 PM

Keep and Bear Arms is a sham organization that actually supports an anti-gun agenda under the guise of a pro-gun group. Please alert all your readers to this!

Posted by Gullyborg at August 13, 2005 10:57 PM


I have misspoken! I was thinking of Hunters and Shooters. Please delete my above comment, and then read this:

Posted by Gullyborg at August 13, 2005 11:05 PM
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