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Well flayed!

What bugs me also about these people is that they completely discount the notion that society can, without much warning, suddenly break down. And that's despite events like Katrina, and in the not so distant past, the Rodney King riots.

What then? Calling 911 is no longer an option. Will Strawman and his ilk take comfort that as the latest mob tears through the neighborhood at least no one they know is armed? Will that give them a warm fuzzy as they have their life beaten out of them by thugs?

And these people have no sense of the larger ideas and philosophies that have been tossed around throughout history. The Greeks. Romans. Locke. Mills. Hobbes. The history of England, for crying out loud. The list goes on and on of men and societies that have debated self defense, government and the role of armed citizens.

And in the end, when America has proven the case that armed citizens can make a functioning and lasting government and society based on Rights and Liberty, these people ignore all that and run scared at the merest glint of a barrel.


Posted by Rusticus at August 31, 2005 02:55 PM


I just posted a new response to Strawman/mike over in the comment thread at Annie's. It's considerably shorter than the one I drafted last night. :-)

Posted by Matt at August 31, 2005 03:06 PM


You spoke the truth when you said you were long a winded bastard.

I think we can reduce our positions to one simple concept-FEAR. I am too tired to debate the law.

You choose to live your life in fear and I don't. You find guns to be an antidote to that fear and I find guns to be a symptom of your pathology.

I know my check casher friend got shot because he carried a gun and you see the man who shot him as a "bad guy" who wanted to shoot him anyway as well as rob him. I know he (the robber) was a bad guy but my understanding of human nature, as little as you may think of it, tells me people rob for money and do not think life in prison is a chance they want to take for it. The "crazy" killers are another story e.g. our recent BLT fellow. No robbery, only their illness. The statistics tell me I will be far more likely to die in a car crash then of a gun shot. (a gun is not a seatbelt, so don’t tell me that since I buckle I should carry)

You seem to me to be a terribly fearful fellow who finds in gun culture and fantasies of protection and preparedness the antidote to your fears. So be it Pub. I don’t think the fear is real and that your fantasies will ever make you feel safe. A life of fear is your choice; I choose differently.

I have lived in a violent city, Brooklyn, for 30 years and have, I think, seen far more of it (violence) than you have, I am not afraid and would find a gun on my hip or in my glove compartment to be the furthest thing from security. To the contrary, in fact, it would cause all situations that threatened me to become lethal. You will answer “what’s wrong with killing a guy who is threatening you with unimaginable harm?” And I have no answer that will get through your fear.

Thanks for the exchange.

Posted by strawman at August 31, 2005 07:53 PM

I am compelled to tell you that Strawman speaks the truth. You should not act on 'fear'. I know exactly what he speaks of, as I have experienced that truth in my own life, right before it ended. On the 16th of December 1994 I was killed by a knifeman who inflicted multiple stab wounds upon me. I did not have a gun with which to stop him because I did not want to live in 'fear'. And it is true that 'there is nothing to fear but fear itself'. I can testify that it is essential to not fear the knife that rips through you, as that fear, which might drive you to carry a gun, is all that makes the dying experience traumatic at all. You should not fear violent death, or act as if you feared violent death. I did not have that fear, and as a consequence, every stab wound was bliss and rapturous ecstacy. Because I had no fear. As long as you harbor no thought of preventing your violent death, as strawman knows, your death will be the best thing that ever happened in your life. Why would you want to deny yourself that?

I am not a sick person. I am not a sick person. I am not a sick person. I AM NOT A SICK PERSON!!!!!

Posted by The Kusabi is coming at September 1, 2005 12:19 AM
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