Comments: Strange City Planners

Creve Couer.

I love the new , flashy Creve Coeur, complete with the broken heart logo over the 270 overpass.

For those not familiar with French, Creve Coeur means broken heart, and pertains to an Indian legend about a teenager who committed suicide over by Creve Coeur Lake. There is a small falls that looks like weeping rock, and the legend says it's the spirit of the Indian girl.

What do you do if you don't know the legend? You see an overpass on Olive and 270 with giant stone blocks with broken hearts adorning their clean facade.

hmmm - I wonder how long it will take a heartbroken teenager to leap from the bridge to make a dramatic statement of how much they loved (insert name here)?

Brilliant city planning. I hear the city of St Louis is renaming themselves Carjackopolis after a failed video game from the late 80's.

Posted by Jim Durbin at September 14, 2005 03:30 PM
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