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What sort of racist are you, Felix, daring to criticize the actions of a black Democrat under investigation by the FBI facing a crisis after this horrible disaster? Don't you know that Karl Rove and his World Wide Weather Controller sent Katrina to New Orleans to kill blacks and destroy the little bit of personal property they had accummulated. How can you begrudge theis poor black man a military escort to remove evidence of official corruption recover his meager possessions?

Posted by Rhymes With Right at September 14, 2005 06:49 PM

keep it down RWR....don't you know the democrats are so devoid of ideas that the 'world wide weather controller' theory may end up as their next talking (or should I say ranting) point. I can see it now, Pelosi scaring the hell out of us just looking at her behind the microphones using your idea, Dean screaming it, Hillary trying to move to the middle reminding us its only a theory, Biden repeating it, but taking 1/2 an hour to do so just to hear himself speak and end up by saying that it is 'misleading', Bill Clinton laughing with his au shuks 'were can I get me one of them?', Gore wanting a recount of the number of levees that broke, and jesse jackson embellishing it as the 'the white man's wicked, worldwide,wreaking weather controling, just like the slave master, and by the way reparations right now, machine............

Posted by cardinals fan at September 14, 2005 09:24 PM

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