Comments: Headaches

Hope your headache goes away and you have a fabulous date night!

Posted by chris at September 23, 2005 06:22 PM

I have had days where the empty screen mocks me.

I also definitely feel the busy, frantic feeling. I know I get used to the carefree days of summer which makes it hard to get back into the grind.

At least you are staying up to paint.
With my oldest son doing driver's ed, I have to wake him up at 5 am so I am falling asleep WAY early.
Be glad when that is over!

Posted by mary at September 23, 2005 07:27 PM

You know, it's funny how easily I recall those days, some twenty years on. It would be easy for me to get a headache just looking at your lists :-)

Posted by Patricia at September 25, 2005 06:37 PM

I am so with you sister. I've also discovered that since I have caffinated coffee in the morning, about 3 cups, I need a little shot of caffiene in the afternoon to stop the headache. I guess I better go back to the half caffinated stuff.

Had to take Mayhem #2 to have her hand re-x-rayed, and still no break. If it's not better by later this week, we have to see a hand specialist. Pray it gets well.

Posted by mercy at September 26, 2005 08:35 AM

Yep, I know the "can't concentrate long enough to write a few coherent paragraphs" feeling. Thankfully, when it comes to caffeine I can take it or leave it (unless I'm really tired!)

I hope your date night was lovely!

Posted by Lenise at September 26, 2005 09:10 AM

Mercy, my husband once bruised the side of his hand. It was x-rayed and there was no break, but the doctor said that a bad bruise to the bone can take a long, long time to heal and his did take more than a month to stop hurting. I hope Mayhem #2's hand gets better much sooner and that no serious damage was done.

Posted by Jordana at September 26, 2005 09:24 AM