Comments: My Twenty Minutes Later Syndrome

Considering the environment you were operating in, I think you did fine.

I have found your ideas to be well thought out and well written. You hit the nail on the head that this subject is not amenable to 10 second sound bites -- especially when faced with someone a skilled as Hugh at pushing his side.

Re: doing better. Kind of like getting to Carnegie Hall: practice, practice, practice.

On the off chance you have not seen it, check out John Ross's piece "mistakes". The idea being that we can anticpate many of the "anti" positions and have well thought out, philosophically correct, responses ready to go.

Thanks for the good work you are doing.

Posted by Bob at October 18, 2005 02:24 PM

This is another reason the written word is where the thinking man will always win. Too many talking points, word pictures, (tanks???), and one UPing.

You did just fine and did not come off like a nutjob, which he attempted to make you into, (get's better ratings).

We are surrounded by those who know right and wrong but won't stand like a rock in matters of principle.

To hell with it. If a slave had to wait on the slave master for permission to gather arms that would eventually be used against the slave master...... long wait indeed.

Yet, we still have the chance to "politely" chat about ways to change our courts/system. Now is not the time to swim with the current.

Posted by FishOrMan at October 18, 2005 04:12 PM
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