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I like the fact that his dissent on U.S. vs Lopez was based on the 10th amendment. How many other gun laws use the commerce clause to cover their tracks? How many laws in general? I believe that if he can render a good decision based on what the Constitution says in this case, he can make the right decision when it comes to 2A.

Posted by Brass at October 31, 2005 02:17 PM

I have to hitchhike on Brass's comment.

Just as I would caution some "conservatives" to look beyond the abortion issue when considering a SCOTUS nominee, I'd ask my fellow gunnies to look beyond the Second when examining Alito.

The Second is an intersection in a web of interconnected rights. If you see in a nominee's positions or rulings that he or she respects other rights, which form intersections in the web surrounding the RKBA, the nominee will probably rule favorably for RKBA cases as well.

I don't want to enjoy my RKBA in a vacuum. It will be of no value to me if I still have to submit a thumbprint to purchase, or allow searches to verify that I have secure storage for them, for example.

I would have preferred Alex Kozinski too, and have said so in my own pages. But if Alito can be confirmed, take him.

Posted by Fûz at October 31, 2005 09:13 PM
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