Comments: Yes, I'm Resorting to Memes

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Remember the time we made that be on the Super Bowl and I won and you owe me $5,000?

Posted by Stephen Macklin at December 13, 2005 08:20 PM

Remember that one semester that we had that really liberal professor? Well, I know they're all liberal, I'm talking about the one with the 12" Bill Clinton action figure on his desk all the time. Man, that was great that way we walked in that one day, half way through the class. You walked straight up to the guy & popped him in the face while I set the doll on fire. I wish we would have gotten someone to record it all. We could have made a fortune.


Posted by Crispy23 at December 14, 2005 03:59 PM

Remember the good ol' days when we both had lots of time for blogging?

Posted by Army NCO Guy at December 22, 2005 04:00 PM