Comments: I'm Getting Too Old For This...

Of course Vince is against the wall. Exactly whom do you expect to be trying to escape from Mexico...the productive, well educated, profitably employed Mexican?

No. The people who are attempting to enter the US are the ones who would be on Welfare and/or encarcerated had they been born here. Mexican jails aren't nearly as pleasant as US ones and the Mexican government doesn't provide their dregs with free health care, food and a stipend simply for existing.

Why WOULDN'T ol' Vince want to encourage his country's underclass to come to the US? Once they are here, they are no longer his problem...and he gets to have ironic fun in bitching about the way the US treats the "undocumented immigrants". How dare we refuse them social security and Driver's Licenses???

Posted by Curtis Stone at December 21, 2005 01:34 PM

All we need to tell Senor Fox is that we intend to treat those illegally entering our country exactly as he treats folks illegally entering his.

Further note to Senor Fox: F*ck you and the donkey you rode in on. You can't do squat about what we do on our side of the border. And if you don't stop pissing and moaning, well start planting all those landmines that Clinton made useless, but that are still sitting around in ammo depots, on the border.

And just for fun, we'll start requiring proof of legal residence in the US to transfer money out of the country.

Posted by Heartless Libertarian at December 21, 2005 10:38 PM
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