Comments: The DNC Family Facility Shown


You know, I was all set to announce that I’d be following the lead of 3 of the 4 Canadian political parties and would refrain from posting anything political over the Elexmas holidays until I read about this story of how Fox News did a gushing piece on the racist organization, and realized that evil does not take a holiday.

Fox affiliate “FOX Carolina” last month ran a one-sided fluff piece exploring, an online hub for white supremacists.

The Anti-Defamation League describes StormFront as a “veritable supermarket of online hate, stocking its shelves with many forms of anti-Semitism and racism.” Yet not a single critical voice is included in the Fox story — only StormFront members and moderators are included.

Think Progress has a followup article on how the reporter who did the story has become active on the forum. And The Poor Man outlines how this is just the latest attempt by the right to mainstream racism.

If this is what the Reich Whinge Rubes consider to be fair and balanced media, then I’ll take the liberal media any day.

Posted by Robert McClelland at January 16, 2006 09:44 PM
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