Comments: Will Blog For Closing Costs

If you saw those deer as cute now, wait until you move in and all the unseen hordes start eating everything green around your house.....

Then you will start thinking them as long-legged rats that you are not allowed to kill.


Posted by This&That at February 10, 2006 10:50 AM

while I'm still reviewing neighborhood covenants, there are no restrictions that I can so against bowhunting, and baby... I'm strapped.

Posted by Confederate Yankee at February 10, 2006 10:56 AM

Well, there you go. Not only have you found a new home for your family, but also a source of healthy meat.

God bless you and yours in your new home.


Posted by chsw10605 at February 12, 2006 11:45 PM

Hello. I tried to post down below on a blog that you wrote back on September 26th about the shootings in New Windsor but it wouldn't let me so I figured I'd post on this one so you got my message. I just wanted to thank you for the prayers. Joanne O'Brien was my aunt as well as my godmother and I was very close to her - she was like my second mother. I was in the hospital with her from the day it happened until the minute she left us. Hearing about everyone who prayed for her and my family really helped us in that time of need. To everyone who prayed, I am truly greatful and my family appreciated it as well.

Thank you again,

Posted by Courtney at March 1, 2006 07:18 PM