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Now your remind me. I forgot about Chain of Command. David Warner - the evil genius of "Time Bandits" - in his 3rd Trek incarnation, was great. I loved his arguments to Picard how Picard could retire to Cardassia and indulge his love archaeology and debate.
Meanwhile in the "secondary" action Jellico and Riker put aside their differences long enough to sneak in on the Cardassians. That should have been up there too.
One thing I realized a few years ago. I had recorded Gambit, which, (IMHO) was probably not one of the better episodes of TNG. (Robin Curtiss who had been such a disappointing Saavik in the absence of Kirstie Allie, was a particularly ineffective villain here.) Still, in retrospect, it was superbly produced and a very engrossing story regardless of its flaws.

Posted by David Gerstman at March 15, 2006 08:40 AM

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