Comments: I Used to Think I Was Smart...

Neither of them has married yet and therefore...

I am old enough to find the need for this qualification simply astonishing. Oh, clearly the need for it isn't extraordinary these days, but to me it is still astonishing.

Posted by Patricia at March 17, 2006 07:59 PM

It is astonishing...
And if you were here, I would take all the kids for a weekend so you could sleep in!

Posted by Blair at March 17, 2006 09:47 PM

At least we have the rest of our lives to catch up on the heavyweight reading. After a few years of sleeping in, of course.

Posted by Meredith at March 18, 2006 06:46 AM

You know, not getting enough sleep is the biggest bugbear of having children, I think. I'm always in a brain muddle as a result.

Btw, I feel your pain! ;)

Posted by melissa at March 18, 2006 11:23 AM

I've had such a brain fog over much of my mothering years. I can finally do more than just look at the picturesLike you, I always did well in school. To be honest, my intelligence was a large part of my self-identity. To lose that--at least have it severely impaired hit me a lot harder than I ever realized it wood.

Posted by TulipGirl at March 19, 2006 07:09 PM

Would! Would! I meant would! See? How embarrassing is that?! *LOL*

Posted by TulipGirl at March 19, 2006 07:09 PM

Well at least you have your kids as an excuse. I certainly don't. Perhaps I can blame my love of reality tv on the dog.

Posted by David G. Kern at March 21, 2006 12:38 PM