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I really don't think "society" needs to worry about where to lay the blame in cases such as this. If someone is at the point where their right/wrong meter is out of calibration far enough to entertain the idea of killing and eating a ten year old girl, well, then they have gotten irretrievably lost all on their own.

The moment you start to look for external influences in cases such as these is the point at which you begin to try to shift blame from the perp to the victim. Oh sure, it may take some time and convoluted rationalizations to get there, but you will.

There are some things our justice system is just not very good at handling properly. Especially cruel child murder is one of those things. Summary execution ought to be at least entertained in these cases where there is no doubt about guilt. Preferably public and televised.

These people are not human beings. A human being is endowed with compassion. To be human is to love.

Posted by Hucbald at April 21, 2006 10:52 PM
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