Comments: A question for the readers

I put up a similar post...I have a feeling not too many will comment due to the personal nature of it..some may be fearful to reply.

Posted by Raven at April 20, 2006 01:57 PM

Ok, not a guy, but... :) I'm thinking it's a little of both, honestly. I think that it has made people more willing to do things that they otherwise would've sought help for - because now it's available in the privacy of their own home and "no one needs to ever find out" attitudes prevail. At the same time, I think our culture is on its way to a resurgence of Ancient Rome-like "anything goes" hedonism, and was before all the pron on the Internet was right there for anyone who typos a URL. So - split between symptom and exascerbation.

As for improving the net? I would say no. There are enough ligitimate "needs" for high speed video, teleconferencing, etc. that I think we'd be where we are now even without pron. But I also don't feel that Hefner has done anything for the magazine industry or sexuality or any of the other things he claims to have benefitted.

I don't have any formed opinions on censorship, honestly. In some respects, though I think pron is revolting, I also kind of feel like you have to let people screw themselves up -- because for some of them, if they can't get it there, they're going to get it somewhere else. I'm not a big believer in babysitting the universe.

I'll see if I can get hubs to come and respond, though honestly he might just say ditto. :)

Posted by beth at April 20, 2006 02:33 PM

I've thought about this previously -- spurred by the arrested of a certain USC student for trying to do the nasty with a 13 year-old -- and I don't know whether the availability of this stuff on the internet is driving more people to act in more bizarre ways. But even if that's true, the internet is also facilitating ways for law enforcement to catch the creeps who actually commit crimes. Now, instead of old men soliciting young girls in parks, they are probably just as likely to try it on the internet, where there are records of what they have done.

Posted by AW Cunningham 3 at April 21, 2006 11:22 AM

Pornography is demeaning to the women it features, the women it excludes, and the men it serves. It's expensive, takes forever to download, is packed with viruses, and makes the keyboard sticky.

Worst, I think, is that the stuff I see out there never shows sex in the expression of affection, only in the expression of power, anger, advantage or abuse. The only times you see sex between people who like each other, who treat each other kindly, both people are women.

Guys fantasize as much as other people, but guys are more visually oriented. Every time I'm disgusted by the porn that's out there, I switch to pictures of motorcycles, fast airplanes...other daydreams. At least till tomorrow.

Posted by Sonar at April 26, 2006 09:26 PM