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I started buying more than usual about a year ago; no special worry, just because I figured it'd go up a bit, so if I had the cash free...

Now, I think I'll pick it up a bit.

Posted by Mark at May 8, 2006 05:51 PM

Oh the subject of Uncle Sam buying ammo from non-Lake City Suppliers, all the .50 cal ammo I've seen used on ranges in Yakima since mid-March (and we were running ranges since early Feb, I just wasn't there) were headstamped PSD 05. PSD is an ROK plant. Uncle Sam needs to build another GOCO plant to supplement Lake City-preferably, for traditional strategic reasons, somewhere else. And that would be a nice bit of actual legit non-pork.

As far as potential trouble with China, I wouldn't worry about a ground war. I'm just a lowly CPT, and I'm smarter than that. Cut them off economically (we're their biggest market) and they're already in trouble. The fight will be mostly naval, with some air thrown in, dependant on how much Japan and the ROK are willing to cooperate with basing. As it stands right now, the Chinese would lose that fight, and find themselves blockaded. But we can't get complacent, and the Chinese are spending a lot of money on their navy.

The North Koreans, if the balloon went up there, wouldn't last all that long. They could do a lot of damage to the south, especially Seoul, but once the come out of their fortifications and start driving south, they'd get pounded mercilessly from the air. They'd be allowed to drive so far, and then they'd be cut off and chewed up, and then the ROKs would start driving north, and there wouldn't be much in their way. I don't think China would save the Kim family again.

Posted by Heartless Libertarian at May 12, 2006 08:55 PM
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