Comments: Still not getting it

The internment of the Japanese-American population of the West Coast jumps to mind. That did, I believe, involve millions of people. Still not a rhetorically very effective example to use, since most people frown on this internment and consider it a massive violation of civil rights. You don't want to compare a proposed policy that you favor to a historical event that your audience doesn't if you can help it.

Another example might be the exodus of many, many people from Eastern Europe after most of it was conquered by the Soviet Union. Again, this is a rhetorically uncomfortable comparison, but it seems more apropros in that the end result - people leaving, rather than being killed or held prisoner - is closer to what Vox wants to happen with illegal immigrants than to the example he did use.

Posted by jaed at May 17, 2006 09:57 PM

I didn't mention the early 20th century Eastern Europeans because I wasn't really certain how comparable it was. Of course, you could make the same argument against Vox's comparison, too. I'm just a little disturbed that most people arguing against this sort of comparison aren't actually admitting that in the light of cold, hard logic, the numbers stack up. Is it an ugly comparison? I've said that it's not one I'd have chosen, so you can draw your own conclusions. But it seems that many people are ignoring the factual accuracies contained within. Logically, it's hard to argue that his point isn't valid, although I'll agree with Rob at Say Anything that it's not a comparison that's likely to win people over, due the visceral reaction people will likely have.

Posted by physics geek at May 18, 2006 11:37 AM

Vox rox.

Posted by jimmyb at May 25, 2006 09:22 AM

Turn off the magnet that draws them here: jobs. Enforce laws against hiring illegals and stop social welfare benefits. They will all self-deport within 30-days.

Posted by randy at June 1, 2006 05:09 PM