Comments: The Safety Nazis

When I was a kid my dad was attending classes at the USAF base in Witcita Falls, Texas. We were only there briefly, so we rented an apartment. It was a magical summer: I was thirteen, there were lots of other kids around (And my first female love interest). All of the action was around a really nice pool with a diving board and a natural stone waterfall. This was the summer of 1970, if I recall correctly.

Years later I was passing through town on my way somewhere and I took a little "memory lane" tour of the place. Sadly, the pool was fenced off. A few months later when I passed by again, the fence was gone, and the pool was filled in. The apartment couldn't risk the liability.

This is what you get when you let shysters make the laws: They make laws to benefit shysters at the expense of the citizens. The US has been a government of the shysters, by the shysters, and for the shysters for decades now.

When will people figure out that it doesn't matter if the Dems or Reps are in power as long as all of the legislators are shysters, and that having shysters make the laws is a conflict of interest?

There is no way an honorable man can be involved with the law in the US anymore. Unless he's just abjectly ignorant, which is often the case.

Shakespeare figured this out, how many centuries ago?

Posted by Hucbald at May 31, 2006 12:31 AM
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