Comments: Stupid Party Versus Doctor No

Ron Paul ran for president twice as a Libertarian. The Republicans have had it in for him since. That's why they are challanging him. They always do.

FedGov is run by the bifactional ruling party. Two uniforms, one team. Democrat or Republican. It doesn't matter. They are the same.

As to all those, like the Geek, fuck Republicans. They are just as evil as the Democrats. They arn't any better. I've been told for two decades now that I should vote for the lessor of two evils, i.e. Republican. Where has that got me? The same place that the Democrats have got me. Less freedom. Period.

If things are gonna be fucked, fuck them fast so hopefully we can then fix them. This slow road to hell is still a road to hell. I want to get it over with now, not when I'm an old man.

Case in point: Jorge Arbusto just sealed the evidence the FBI got by searching Jefferson's office in the House this week. 45 days then something might happen. That's just a way to cover the corruption in DC. Jorge Arbusto is nominally a Republican. BFD. How is he better than Kerry would have been? He ain't. He's a trator just like Kerry.

Line them all up against the wall.

Posted by anonymous at May 26, 2006 06:47 PM

Ron Paul is a RINO. The (R) by his name ought to be an (L), but (L)'s don't win so the practical thing to do is to run with the (R). DeWine IS the Republican Party, Ron Paul is an outsider who managed to infiltrate it by flying under the radar at first and wearing a simple costume. The rest of the GOP has caught up with him and are trying to expel him.

Posted by Serv at May 29, 2006 08:26 PM
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