Comments: Goberment Should Be Responsible For Illegal Drugs

What? Heroin's dangerous? Holy crap! Are you sure? I don't think I've seen any flyers in MY town, maybe it's only dangerous in Detroit...

Posted by Ogre at May 25, 2006 09:40 AM

Jeez! Next thing you know, they'll be saying that unprotected sex leads to pregnancy, crabs and other various unsundry illnesses. Ha! Or that if I eat at McDonalds every day of my life, gorging on double big macs, supersize fries and shakes and don't move my big butt off the living room couch, that I could get fat, develop diabetes and other health issues.

Ha ha ha...where do you come up with these silly things?

(Someone should have neutered that woman a long time ago!)

Posted by Lee Ann at May 31, 2006 03:04 PM