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it is the biggest, most popular sporting event on the planet.

Hube, I'm tired of your liberal "look what they do in other countries" claptrap. First it's soccer, than it's a short jump to looking to other countries for legal precedent or envying their low crime rates. This is America. We like baseball and football. Hippie!! ;) ;)

Seriously, though...I haven't watched any yet. I'm sure I'll flip on the US game tomorrow. I got into the ('94?) Cup team with Alexei Lalas & Co., and then the women's team phenomenon in 99...but I suppose most everyone was following that one.

Posted by Dan at June 11, 2006 02:31 PM

No won't watch a minute. For me, its all Phils, NFL & Eagles but do enjoy boxing, NCAA softball and the extreme fighting. Ever see any of that? There are some bad MF's roaming around this country.

Posted by AJ LYnch at June 11, 2006 04:14 PM

There will be no soccer in my house, either.

Last weekend I was visiting a friend who now lives in Germany who was back visiting America for a few weeks. She was saying how her fiancee was about to make her a widow due to watching football. I couldn't figure out why he was watching football in the middle of summer. I eventually figured it out.

Posted by Paul Smith at June 11, 2006 04:22 PM

Ugh. We just got destroyed by the Czech team. Our hopes of making it out of our group are waning quickly.

Posted by Duffy at June 12, 2006 02:15 PM

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