Comments: Kanadian Ordnance?

Did KT ordinace sell any firearms parts at all? I thought they sold Ar-15 parts kits at one time? 'Cause if they did, and they sold any of them to canadians, that's a really obvious and serious legal problem (both under U.S. export regs and Canadian law). Its just an idea that might explain the canadian law enforcement presence. Likewise, I'm not sure exactly how canada defines what part is the serial numbered part of a gun, I know that some countries differ from the U.S. on that, and it definitely matters legally. For example, there are lots of deactivated M16's in the UK that have a lower reciever that would be easy to restore, in a couple of minutes to an operational lower. If a man in the UK sells a case of them to a U.S. citizen, and Fed Exs it here, he's commiting a felon under U.S. law, and certainly could be subject to extradition for it, even if it didn't violate any UK law.

Up to a point, I simply hope that KT didn't ship a damn thing to Canada at all, since between export regs and Canadian law, it would be a giant can of worms to open.

Oh, and as a side note, all criticism of the BATFE aside, they really are following correct procedure when they didn't use the bathrooms inside the house. It is a really bad habit for police to get into when executing warrants being that it potentially contaminates, or flushes away evidence still caught in the toilet's trap.

I'm curious as to exactly how the emails were recovered, since there's a wide vareity of legal methods to have done it, and it would be interesting to see if the BATFE is using some of the newer patriot act ones.

Oh, as a side note on the parts kit importing changes, is the BATFE issuing import permits for kits without barrels? I would have expected to see lots of cheap kits without a barrel on the market by now, since it has been nearly a year since the import of kits with barrels stopped.

Posted by Bob at July 22, 2006 08:21 PM