Comments: Dems Call Lebanon Evac a "Mini-Katrina"

You are ,as they say ignorant, or just a rush clon. try looking at the facts! Use your OWN brain for once. Bush misled us into a war, cuts back on funding for vets, under funds education, screws with the national parks and protected lands, makes our troops buy there own armor for gods sake! Hell this country owes more money than you can shake a stick at!! Y0UR kids will pay that price.We can spend 3 billion a week for the war. ( 3 billion a week!!! ). but we can do nothing for AMERICANS! We can give tax breaks to corporate to move over seas,And but not to stay here!Well now, lets not stop there. lets VETO a bill that can give millions of americans hope to stop desease. Over 70% of americans and various medical groups wanted this, as well as well known republicans. to cure cancer, kids with diabedies, parkensens etc. bush says its life and has to be saved. but because they are thrown away instead of being used to help people,bush also promotes death!!. Curing people with desease IS pro-LIFE!!!!. Bush does what is good for bush.not the american people!!! All he wants is votes and does not care about peoples lives.So go ahead and follow the rushes and the carl roes of this world like lemmings to the sea!! political mud slingers. The rest of us are wakeing up and are trying to do whats right for the american people and our nation. It starts in november.

Posted by captbligh at July 19, 2006 01:57 PM

captbligh, that's quite an insightful take you have on Americans in Lebanon.

Take yer f@#king meds before posting here again, please. Thanks.

Posted by Tuning Spork at July 19, 2006 02:40 PM

Thanks, Tuning Spork, for your support! And Captbligh, if you expect me to take your comments seriously, don't rant and rave, don't call me names, and stick to the subject. Thanks for playing...

Posted by Pam at July 19, 2006 05:44 PM

You must be doing something right, Pam, if you've got a mind-numbed robot from the half-vast left-wing leaving such comments. Way to go :~)

Posted by Kitty at July 20, 2006 06:49 AM