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This is the kind of comment a lot of people would shrug their shoulders at but there is no excuse for it. Young is a liberal public figure who should be given the same, full brunt of press accountability that any conservative bigot would get....I expect there will be more news about this.

I worked for the University of Delaware Development Office through the tenures of four UD presidents in five years.

Trabant retired and in came Russel Jones. Jones went about making nice with local developers and bought up Newark city properties without giving the UD trustees a chance to weigh in, a big no no in Delaware. Jones ended up getting fired, not for the property/development issues but for making a statement that casually dismissed a prejudiced point of view as "normal".

He was fired after telling a group of black students that "when he was growing up in a PA coal-mining town, they did not have any blacks there to hate so they hated polish people".

The cruel assumption that blacks, poles, anyone different is a fair target for prejudice or stereotype may not have been his intended message but as UD president, he failed miserably as a leader. The trustees dumped Jones on the spot (I was not sure for which reason). Trabant filled back in and then Roselle was hired.

Posted by Nancy Willing at August 18, 2006 02:42 PM

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