Comments: We Were Born To Lead

Come to North Carolina - you don't have to be registered to vote, you just show up and demand to vote and they let you. Give it a shot there, it will likely work.

Posted by Ogre at November 7, 2006 11:13 AM

Nononono. Go vote. You can use a PROVISIONAL BALLOT because you haven't had a chance to update it. When they verify that you didn't vote in your old polling place, your vote will be counted!

Just go to the place and ask about it.

Posted by caltechgirl at November 7, 2006 03:08 PM

Tell ya what, I was totally amazed when I voted today. Amazed?...more like flabbergasted.

Lemme explain, just a tad if I may...I recently moved from a South-western state to a North-eastern state. In my previous State, I was ALWAYS asked for my voter registration card AND my drivers license.
Today? Nothing, Nada, Ziltch, Zippo!!
Just sign here please.

I wondered how many folks voted out of precinct, or weren't registered. When I asked, I got a "shrug" and told that this state, has a "law" that they can't ask.

"Don't ask don't tell" policy for voting? WTF???? Oh mano mano is my dander up about this. Most definately going to do some research on this.

Ok...having had my rant on this....I say good for you, Ms. Cat for reminding folks, that when ya move, ya gotta gotta gotta change your voter registration as well.

Next time, Ms Cat, next time!
You have had an incredible amount of crap heaped upon your plate this year.

Posted by imp at November 7, 2006 03:20 PM

See there, Cat, go check it out!!!!

Yayyyyyyyy Caltechgirl!

I bet there are folks out there that don't know this option!!

Double YAYYYYYYYY Caltechgirl!!!

Posted by imp at November 7, 2006 03:23 PM

8mouth hanging open..


Posted by armywifetoddlermom at November 7, 2006 05:07 PM

Goodness Cat, shame on you. Don't you know that even if you CHOSE not to vote, you are STILL EXERCISING your freedom and right?

But way to go on voting after all.

I voted with an absentee ballot 2 weeks ago. About 1/3 of the WA state voters do it. They encourage you to sign up when you get your license. It makes me wonder if our votes get counted. After all, this was a state that had a questionable result 2 years ago with Maria "can't vote well" and Gov. Gregoire (both Dems---obviously).

Posted by Dorothy at November 7, 2006 08:10 PM