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You poor thing... if I weren't coming down with a cold I'd volunteer... :(

...and I didn't know that about melaleuca!

Posted by pam at November 9, 2006 12:34 PM

We have children because there are days we feel poorly about ourselves and the world seems dark and gray and then this little person walks in the room and wraps their arms around our necks and kisses us, telling us how much they love us... and suddenly all is right with the world. In that one second, any wrong for any amount of time, has quickly been erased. They are our light... even in our darkness.

Posted by Bou at November 9, 2006 04:51 PM

I am SOOO sorry! We are definately in the same boat! Wish I could help, but you know, Bou describes it so much more eloquently than I ever could. Hang on tight, it WILL run it's course.

Posted by Lemon Stand at November 9, 2006 06:41 PM

Pam: Thank you
Bou: Thanks for the reminder.
Lemon Stand: I'm hanging on tight. Real tight. ;-)

Posted by vw bug at November 9, 2006 07:56 PM

Been there, done that, you will live through it, although it may seem like a close run thing sometimes. *grin* Eventually you will even get a chance to sleep through the night again... then you won't be able to. LOL.

Posted by Teresa at November 10, 2006 02:00 PM

I read this when you posted it but was not able to have enough time to comment to let you know you were in my thoughts and prayers.

Wish I lived close by. Please take solace in knowing that as they get older they get less sick.

By this time last year my son had gotten strep 4 times. This year so far only 2x so things are better and that's an avg. so I know your wee ones will grow up to be strong healthy boys that will hopefully make up for it soon.

Posted by michele at November 10, 2006 11:44 PM