Comments: Harsh Nature

I've been following the story for days and I'm sadden it's ended like this. At least Kati and the daughters were rescued in time. I've been reading comments at other places like SFGate and CNET and noticed a small trend. There are some staying he was foolish for leaving the car and trying to go for help; that when your lost you should stay put. I'm an Eagle Scout that spent my childhood up in the wilderness of Northern Maine. Staying put is excellent advice but only for so many days/weeks. I'll tell you: after a week has passed, your out of food, freezing, burned tires, car out of gas, the wife is running low on breast milk, it's high time to make an attempt. The time "limit" for most Search and Rescue attempts is roughly a week. After that efforts are dramtically reduced to just a few personnel. Sorry for the long comment. In the end hindsight/armchair quarterbacking is 20/20. He took a gamble to save his family, Rest in Peace James.

Posted by George at December 7, 2006 09:37 AM

I agree George, That about what I learned as well. What I don't understand is if he tried to backtrack his driven path or cut out into a new area. Without knowing an area, it can be deceiving.

Reguardless, he tried to help his family and my heart goes out to them. I wish them well.

Posted by Retired Navy at December 7, 2006 12:24 PM