Comments: Mars The Bringer Of War

I just listened to Jupiter, performed by the London Symphony Orchestra under Sir George Szolti, last night. People who limit themselves to rock, pop, or hip-hop are missing out, and that's a good place for them to discover that fact.

Posted by triticale at December 11, 2006 12:53 PM

just test soft-a :))))

Posted by Vaha at December 21, 2006 07:01 AM

I used to love music, then started working at a place with a bunch that liked to play stuff like crybaby rock, at max volume, over several (competing and crappy) ghettoblasters in a warehouse with nightmare acoustics. After 10 years of that, even acoustical instruments were a problem. The associations are too noxious.

I've been getting hungry for music again, but have not been able to find anything to get started with. Most of what's recorded is not worth stealing (except to scare crows out of the corn field), and what's on the local radio, well, it's not worth hearing, even with a free radio tossed in.

Thanks for the news Wiki has music now. Looks like time to upgrade to dsl so I can properly explore it.

Oh, and 7.62*25 has interesting terminal ballistics.

Seen this bunch?:

I picked up a no-safety Tok. It's legal and clean, but the lack of wear makes it being smuggled in by the Chicoms for sale to the LA or Seattle drug gangs a little more likely than it being a bring-back.

I like the irony.

Posted by Phillep at January 7, 2007 01:47 PM