Comments: Lady Lex, Part 1: The Journey Begins

I had the opportunity in the mid 70's to sail on the LADY LEX. As a young boy of 16 I joined the US NAVY SEA CADETS. This is a junior ROTC program. We traveled from New Orleans to Pensacola and spent the next two days on an overnight sail to New Orleans. I can't begin to tell you how memorible this trip was. I commend you for taking the 16 hours to set a page of history in the minds of your boys. What a memory they will have that most can't imagine. At the time of my trip the NAVY used the LEX as a training ship and we were privilaged to observe carrier takeoffs and landings first day out. I will not go into all the details though the memories are quite clear. I will say it is nice to know the LADY LEX is still keeping her memory alive after almost 30 years from my one time dance with history.

Posted by Glenn Johnson at May 22, 2004 09:32 AM