Comments: Like God and Robert Heinlein Intended

Glad to see my term, "...the way God and Robert Heinlein intended..." still in use, even in paraphrase.

I coined the phrase for its instant imagery for my 1993 article, "Single Stage to Infinity!" in Analog, and used it to thunderous applause at the 1993 WorldCon, ConFrancisco, where I showed videos of the first DC-X hop.

Did the same a year later in Winnipeg, with later footage, including some I had witnessed at White Sands as a correspondent for The New Scientist, the U.K. magazine.

I see this blog entry above is dated 2003, but that's still 10 years after the first use.

Good things can hang around a bit.

Ad astra!

-Arlan Andrews, Sr.

Posted by Arlan at April 17, 2005 09:43 PM