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As a history major I marvel at how very little politics played in our founding fathers. One of my favorite reads is the Federalist Papers a kind of behind the scenes thought process of those drafting the Constitution.

There were definately two schools of thought, but each side professed their beliefs without attacking the other. Novel idea.

Posted by Sgt Hook at January 2, 2007 09:14 PM

I'm not offended at all - I actually laughed quite a bit when I read your analysis.

The funny thing is the reason that book was purchased was a direct result of a different "history" book.

Almost 10 years ago, I was taking a U.S. History class from my local community college in KY. My friend Ambrose was waiting on me to finish my take-home test so that we could go out that evening. I wasn't working quickly enough, so she decided to assist with my test.

Granted, I'm from the "South," but she was amazed at the text & the questions showing such incredible bias. (She's a Yankee and all - haha - from PA.) I never will forget one of the questions... it was about the slaves "helping" their owners fight during the Civil War. I thought she was going to choke.

At any rate, after she & her husband moved back to PA, I flew up to visit them. We spent an entire day in Philadelphia, doing the whole "tourist" thing.

That book was purchased right around the corner from the Liberty Bell... after we walked in the store, and Ambrose shouted something about Lexington "not only" being in KY :)

Posted by The Girl at January 3, 2007 01:26 AM

Interesting to read your post today since I am finishing up a course in U.S. History. My current course covers the period from 1865-1945. I took a course a few months ago, before we left Germany, that covered U.S. History up to 1865. I have found the text for these courses quite informative and interesting. My next course covers the period from 1945 to present (or I guess up to whenever the book was written). All three courses come from the same text, which is "Nation of Nations." I have it in electronic format as part of my course. You might find it interesting. I'm glad I'm taking this course at this point in my life because I'm getting so much more from it than I did History classes when I was in high school.

Posted by Robin at January 3, 2007 09:07 PM