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Tell her my dogs eat metal, glass and lots of couches. You'll look like doggie-mommy of the year in comparison. And someday you'll be an excellent human mommy :)

Posted by Mare at January 12, 2007 07:49 PM

Your post brought back a very sweet memory of our dog Cole. She was a Lab/chessie cross. Cole the wonder dog we called her. There was nothing she could not do. If you asked for Cindy's slippers she would bring them;if you asked for Doug's she would get his. She could do a triple retreive even. Anyway, on to my story. When we had our first little boy she hung back and watched for awhile. Then she decided he was going to be staying and she started to bond with him. As he grew and started to get into things they developed a symbiotic relationship when it came to milkbones. We bought the big ones. My son being only about 8 months couldn't bite them. They were too hard.( I know, I know, my mom grosses out here too.) I do not know why he liked them, but he was teething and they felt good on his gums. (by the way I did not feed him these, he got them on his own!) He would get the cupbord door open and give one to Cole. She,not having thumbs had trouble with this first step. She then would bite it and the two of them would scramble for the pieces. (another good reason to brush your dogs teeth!)

Wait untill you try to keep the baby from dumping over a full dog bowl of water! I had three little water babies!

Thanks for the pup update.
But most of all thank you both with all my heart for your service for our country and my family.

Cindy H.

Posted by Cindy H. at January 12, 2007 11:54 PM