Comments: Kiss My Ash

Isn't this just the manifestion of the "social contract" the du Toit's believe we are all duty bound to hold fast to? Another great milestone in the "social contract" the minority never signed, but are held to at gun point.

Posted by yeah, but at January 20, 2007 02:52 PM

Yep - Pittsburgh PA just passed a county-wide smoking ban. A few bars are suing and a judge put a 3 month hold on it - only for bars and restaurants though.

I shake my head at the debate on whether it will hurt or help business. That's IRRELEVANT! I don't care if it would mean that a business would have an instant doubling of profits. It's a property rights issue. The owner should be able to decide if the loss/gain of business is worth changing the bars smoking policy.

Gah - there are a few places that I go to smoke a cigar and enjoy the music. If this ban is upheld, I'll make sure to write a letter to the bars and restaurants explaining that I will no longer patronize their establishments. I will also copy the Mayor, the Country controller, and the local newspapers.

Maybe that will have an effect (though I'm not holding my breath)

Posted by Dave at January 20, 2007 02:54 PM

The problem really started with the portion of the 60's era civil rights laws which declared that private businesses-diners being among the most conspicuous-to be 'public accomodations.'

Once private commercial property became 'public accomodations,' it became open to all manner of obnoxious government meddling.

The you what they say about the pavement on the road to hell.

Posted by Heartless Libertarian at January 20, 2007 09:55 PM