Comments: Nancy Pelosi is a High Flier on Our Dime

Hmm, I understand where Murtha's coming from (well, actually I never really wanted TO, but that's another argument..)

Who would expect Ms. Pelosi NOT TO HAVE ANYTHING SHE WANTS. (see below) After all, she's...
well, she's just another elected representative in MY eyes, but IN HERS.. It seems Hillary-ism is rampant among the Democrats. Perhaps Nancy thinks SHE is the president after all..

Odd, isn't it, how easily the epithets slip out-- 'sexist,' next 'racist,' ANY "swear" term at hand when DEMOCRATS don't get their way. Please don't call it arrogance.

"The source said the Pentagon will likely give in to Mrs. Pelosi's requests for a large plane and travel entourage, given her and Mr. Murtha's power over defense spending.
The defense source, who asked not to be named, termed her request "carte blanche," saying she wanted a plane that could carry an entourage just like President Bush, who flies on Air Force One, and Vice President Dick Cheney, who also always flies on military planes."

Posted by jng at February 7, 2007 12:30 PM