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a two week per year open season on tort lawyers and a $100 bounty on their ears might help..hell, it helped clean out the wolves from the great plains..and tort lawyers are worse than wolves..more like sharks who will hone in wherever they can smell blood and the medical business has a lot of blood...

Posted by GUYK at March 30, 2007 12:20 PM

Times have certainly changed. In 1934, my grandmother had to have an emergency c-section. The doctor that performed the surgery accidentally cut my mother's cheek while doing the c-section. He didn't get sued; he was thanked for saving both of them. You would never see that today.

Posted by sticks at March 30, 2007 04:55 PM

I wouldn't want to take away the ability of the court to award damages in true cases of malpractice but I do think that the doctors need protection from stupid suits. A mistake isn't malpractice, neither is the fact that doctors aren't gods who unerringly know what is wrong and how to cure it.

I put most of the blame on lawyers and greedy clients but some also goes to medical boards which have protected doctors who should have had their license to practice revoked. Although some blame should go to stupid juries who award huge amounts, I think that most of the cases are filed in the hopes that the doctor's insurance will settle before it ever reaches court.

I also wonder if the patients who have problems getting a specialist in the emergency room have primary care physicians. My thoughts are that if they do, he or she would be notified that the patient is going to the ER and would be more likely to be able to get a specialist in there. Too many people use the ER as a health clinic for all their health problems and by not having a primary care physician, have given up an advocate when there is a true emergency.

Perhaps if the lawyers and their clients had to pay doctors (time spent and damage to their reputations) when they lose the suits there would be fewer brought over mistakes or "we just don't like the results".

Posted by marybeth at March 31, 2007 10:18 AM

Yeah, this is a huge problem affecting our nation as a whole and it's not just the ER's that are feeling it either. It's the whole medical industry feeling it. I just put up my own little rant on this issue and a link to this. Sorry, I wasn't able use the trackback though. It kept giving me an error:(

Posted by maranda rites at March 31, 2007 06:32 PM