Comments: Piracy And Other Charges

While I retain ideological objections to soldiers having weapons prohibited to civilians, in practice it's never been the military that I was worried about. If true jackbooted-thugs tyranny ever comes to the United States, far too many of them will be on the side of good, for the military to be a serious threat. Moreover, they're too busy focusing on defending the country from external threats to stir up any internal well they should be.

But the cops...well, they're another story entirely. While our soldiers are overseas _fighting_ tyrants, our cops are here at home _becoming_ tyrants. When they come to confiscate the guns, "they" will be wearing blue, not green. A soldier in uniform on the street attracts attention...and a large number of them partolling an area would instill negative reactions in the residents. But people have come to accept police watching them. One step closer to tyranny there as well.

The good news is that a great many people are already aware of this danger. Police abuses are coming to light, and public trust in police officers is falling. Their takeover may not be as easy as they imagine.

Posted by Matt at April 4, 2007 01:30 AM