Comments: Politics Of The Virginia Tech Massacre

"I know of no 9mm pistols that hold less than 10 rounds, except for the P-08 Luger, Walther P-38, Lahti L-35, SIG P210 & similar early to mid 20th century designs as well as a few very compact pistols such as the ASP, Kahr K9 & the Kel-tec PF-9." - Publicola

Hk P9s, Walther P5, A number of earlier S&W M39 models, most 9mm 1911 variants [yes, they still make those], several pre-2001 Berreta and Astra models and some Taurus clones of the Berrettas, a number of major manufacturer models of 9mm made during the Clinton AWB that were manufactured and sold with 10 round mags, a couple of IAI modles IIRC, the Detonics in a couple of models, several others.

Heya - you want a list of handgun variants, ask a gunnut with an extensive collection of Gun World and Guns & Ammo Annuals, and a stack of Janes. ;)

Point being: they're out there. They're just not quite as common right now as the "Wonder 9" hi-cap models.

Posted by Ironbear at April 18, 2007 09:24 PM