Comments: The Quiet Game...

Somehow, hearing that, in my mind I mistook what you said for "The Crying Game." OK, two different things. Just thinking out loud.

Posted by Erica at April 26, 2007 06:26 AM

Time out. That's really funny. Time in.

Posted by wRitErsbLock at April 26, 2007 07:28 AM

Let them know when they play with Aunt Mo that there are NO time outs. You're either in or you lose!

Posted by Morrigan at April 26, 2007 07:55 AM

You should have them play "The Green Room."

Trouble is, it's only good until they figure out the Secret of the Green Room. Then they have to find someone else to annoy with it...

Posted by Elisson at April 26, 2007 10:12 AM

Kinda reminds me of people who play the "Not Blogging" game.

Posted by zonker at April 26, 2007 02:12 PM

Why do you call him Bones? Is it something Star Trekkian?

Posted by Peggy U at April 26, 2007 09:11 PM

Peggy- It is his family nickname, short for Boney Buns. He just became Bones. He's very thin. ;-)

Posted by Bou at April 26, 2007 10:13 PM

Really? My kids have all had that same problem, and it is a nuisance finding pants that fit. If they fit around the waist, then they are highwater geeky pants. If they are long enough, then they are huge around the middle. When Arthur was 8, he accidentally put his jeans on backwards (why bother with the zipper and snap when you can just pull them on?) and we walked all over the mall that way, until it dawned on me why he looked so funny. He is a buttless wonder.

Posted by Peggy U at April 27, 2007 03:05 AM

There's no timeouts in the Quiet Game! Someone teach these poor kids the rules of the game!

Posted by Ogre at April 30, 2007 03:15 PM

We have the rock game. Everyone has to pretend they are a rock and can neither talk, read, move or make gestures. Each of who win, can give one age appropriate house chore they have to the loser. I believe that is the incentive because all four of our kids have ADD or ADHD and sitting still is torture, they still have learned to be pretty quiet and still for up to almost TEN MINUTES at a time! Unfortunately, they don't play it often.

Posted by Lemon Stand at April 30, 2007 08:14 PM