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I remember the same facts about the spread of AIDS.
I also comment on having compassion for GAYS. They were not very compassionate when they spread their disease using blood donations. Hemophiliacs suddenly had the disease, and DIED.

Now we have another pending epidemic that is not politically correct to prevent. Diseases entering this country from Mexico and the illegal immigrant invasion. Regular tuberculosis is back.
Be very afraid, when was the last time your children were vaccinated? Are they in college now?

Now where do these illegals work? How about in the food chain? Farms and cafeterias. In the kitchens of many restaurants? Great place to spread diseases that were eradicated from the USA but not from these other countries.

Sure my ancestors immigrated here. But they stopped at Ellis Island as a HEALTH precaution.

It does not hurt anyone? As stated earlier in this post => BS.

As an old Vietnam era song stated,
"Whoopie, we are all going to die."



Posted by Paul at May 31, 2007 11:34 PM

Another concern with the spread of disease is the nations blood supply. Last week we read that there were experiments at Christiana Hospital with synthetic blood. Who should be the guinea pigs?

Those who can not donate to the safe blood supply. Next time you donate to the blood bank, read the warnings about who can not donate. Sexual deviants and intravenous drug users.

Is is selfish to demand that safe blood should be reserved for those with safe habits? Is it reckless and foolish to have reckless sex and use drugs. With that careless attitude, what is a little syn-blood? Go ahead, take another chance.

And remember the sympathy and compassion your predecessors showed to the hemophiliacs in the early 1980's.


Posted by Paul at May 31, 2007 11:54 PM