Comments: SciFi Channel: Humans as invaders

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Within 14 years we should be more than capable of creating an artificial intelligence, capable of "Data" like abilities. It would be rather cheap to send a crew of cyber creations off in a spaceship to a neighboring star system, even without light speed propulsion.

Quite possibly our first contact may be another planet's robotic probe of our system..........

Posted by kavips at June 21, 2007 11:16 PM

If I'd written the story, the humans would be plundering the galaxy for corn - gotta support our ethanol addiction. Jason would put big Halliburton logos on the sides of the space ships.

As for the concept of modern technology giving an advantage over a more primitive people, you don't even have to go to outer space - How about A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court, by Mark Twain? And then there's Bill Campbell in Armies of Darkness: "This is my boom stick!"

Posted by G Rex at June 22, 2007 10:54 AM

David Weber has almost specialized in these stories concerning technological transfers. Notably his Empire from the Ashes trilogy and Armageddon Reef. But also Vernor Vinge has done some great work with his Deepness in the Sky duology. Weber concentrates primarily on human development and social progress (or lack of it). Vernor hits more upon the alien contacting superior humans design, his specialty seems to be cybernetic interfacing, networking, and human psychology.

Weber's much bigger on the naval munitions technology edge of things, and he also did some forays into low tech ground only campaigns where the high tech guys were restricted in the tools they had to use, forcing them to use local forces to win local wars using only slightly advanced arms than the local politics had developed. March UpCountry is a good example of this.

Vernor vinge delves into mind control, with mind control you can actually have a functioning high tech civilization and also fuel megalomanical ambitions. For David Weber, his megalomaniacs are usually of the human variety preying upon other humans. There are aliens, but they are usually at the very top of the power and decadence ladder. There's no real point to taking the resources of a planet via invasion after all. There are plenty of other metal rich planets without a local population to strip mine. Weber even forwarded several scenarios where entire solar systems were gathered to create engineering on the cosmological scale.

Machines can do the automated work of mining just as well as humans, if not better. Dealing with the locals involves perhaps discoveries in science and tradegoods, something dictators and narcissists aren't much interested in. They would far more likely Dinosaur asteroid the planet instead of invading it.

Posted by Ymarsakar at June 29, 2007 02:33 PM