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Have a good trip. I imagine there will be interesting things to do along the way, and on the way back. As for the purpose of your trip, I think it wonderful that you are taking care of such, heck I don't even know who were in my family beyond a generation or three ago.

All the best,

Posted by Glenn B on June 22, 2007 08:52 AM

I'm currently in South Cal. for a holiday. Hope you have a good trip.


Posted by farmwifetwo on June 22, 2007 09:31 AM

God speed and good luck. :^)

Posted by Richmond on June 22, 2007 10:20 AM

Assisting with the upkeep of a final burial place (especially one of an American hero) I always felt is one of the most unsung duties a person can perform. Kol hakavod!

Posted by Erica on June 22, 2007 02:49 PM

That's such a southern sort of thing to do. They have big reunions up here all surrounding the decoration of the graves and the upkeep of the old family cemeteries. I hope you have a really good trip. I have fond memories of tagging along with my grandparents and mother on jaunts like these.

We've just been having crazy storms every afternoon. Sometimes no rain...just lightening.

Posted by rosie on June 22, 2007 07:54 PM

Yep, it was the North that fired the first shot in Charleston. No...wait. ;-)

Posted by Jim - PRS on June 22, 2007 08:46 PM

Okay, you win. I'm not doing anything anywhere near that meaningful this weekend. Though I am going through my blogroll; does that count? ;)

Posted by Key on June 22, 2007 11:16 PM