Comments: Potter Mania Nears Ridiculous Heights

Hasn't a book ever deeply disturbed you? I remember reading Of Mice and Men when I was about 8 and I cried for hours. But I guess my bleeding heart is showing.

Posted by at July 20, 2007 02:42 PM

There's absolutely nothing wrong with being saddened by a book. In fact, if you weren't very moved by many works of literature, I'd say there was something seriously wrong with you. However, I agree that it's absolutely ridiculous to set up some blasted phone counseling hot line ... if parents are going to let their kids read what is obviously no longer a "children's book", they need to be equipped to deal with their children's needs. How can they be sure the hotline is staffed with qualified professionals that don't have some odd agenda.

Our society pampers kids *way* too much these days to where they can't identify what they really feel without "professional help" ... kids aren't allowed to feel sad without being drugged ... they aren't allowed to ever feel less than the best about themselves or to feel that they've failed or come up short on something ... kids need to learn about pain, suffering, loss, failure, disappointment, etc. right along with how to overcome those things. Without learning those things, kids will not be equipped to deal with real life.

Posted by HMIL at July 22, 2007 09:25 PM