Comments: Dogfighting

Yes, her name is gypsy. She was used as a bait dog. A bait dog is a dog that is deemed unsuitable for fighting and becomes the "practice dog" those dogs that are suitable for fighting use to practice. Gypsy suffered tremendously, she lost a leg, both ears were chewed off, her lips became infected and putrified and had to be removed. However, people came to Gypsy's aid and she is doing quite well now. You can still see the scars from her ordeal, but with some canine reconstructive surgery she leads a pretty normal life. She is used in seminars about the cruelty of dog fighting and she is actually a very nice dog, from what I've read.

However, for each dog like gypsy hundreds, maybe thousands more die each year. The losing dogs and those dogs deemed not fight worthy are disposed of in horrific ways. Dowsing with gasoline and setting them on fire is not unheard of. Letting dogs roam the streets to ultimately starve to death is another common technique.

Dog fighting is an activity of the truly barbaric, IMO, and if anybody thinks that is some sort of cultural elitism/superiority...well they can go f&$k themselves.

Posted by Steve Verdon at July 23, 2007 12:02 AM