Comments: Still more on the U.D. "diversity" program and an update on that U.D. "noose" hanging

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In the late 70's a friend did his part to uphold the hooligan tradition at the UD. He built a dummy of clothes and straw, put a noose around it's neck and hung it from the Apple Road overpass. Waited a little and sure enough, a train came by. Blew its horn, of course it could not stop, and tore the old scarecrow a new one. Pieces were everywhere. The conductor was yelling and making a fuss. My friend then went back to the dorms for another cold one. What fun.

But what would have happened if a sensitive soul had happened along before the train? Instant race hatred and intimidation.

Posted by Silly Harmless teenager at November 15, 2007 09:44 PM

I'm curious here. What happens if a kid after watching a Clint Eastwood movie, "hang 'em high" comes to mind, decides to draw a noose in art class the next day. Does he get expelled or do they call the police in and charge him with a hate crime? Until recently I would not have associated a noose with anything having to do with racial issues.

Posted by Al at November 18, 2007 09:34 PM