Comments: Televangelists, Ole Anthony, and the Truth

Warren, thank you for posting. You made some excellent points.

Can you add these questions to your list?

What were the terms of the settlement Ole Anthony received from his accident at the health spa? Please include all court documents.

How much of the members’ tithes and offerings and other donations have been spent for Ole Anthony’s vitamins, medications, especially pain medications, and other medical treatment over the last 20 years? Please include costs of medical treatment associated with the fire walking incident.

How much of Anthony’s medical costs has he paid for out of his personal funds (from the settlement) during the same time period?

Were the funds from the charitable donations or contributors to Trinity Foundation used to pay for Anthony’s medical costs rather than the settlement money which was supposed to be for that purpose?

How much of the foundation’s members’ tithes and offerings and other donations did the foundation spend from 1987-2007 to house and clothe Ole Anthony’s girlfriends? Please include costs of all gifts to girlfriends and “business” trips paid for with TFI funds.

In the 1980s Ole Anthony wrote a book, Crossfire. He has claimed that the book sold a million copies. Please indicate the amount of royalties paid to date on this book. Were the royalties paid to the foundation or Ole Anthony?

The 2005 Tax statement (Form 990) indicates approximately $50,000 annually costs for food service. Is this cost over and above the amount collected from the members and Levites for their meals? Since the majority of the alleged 700 meals prepared weekly are consumed by members of the Trinity Foundation, how does the foundation justify using tax-exempt monies for its members’ consumption?

The 2005 Form 990 indicates that there was over $15,000 in expenses for Trinity Foundation’s Bible studies held in the homes of its elders. Can you itemize these costs? Is the foundation using tax exempt funds to “rent” space from the directors of Trinity Foundation?

Former member, Wendy J. Duncan
Author: I Can't Hear God Anymore: Life in a Dallas Cult

Posted by Wendy J. Duncan at November 25, 2007 09:44 AM


Thanks for that. I really think it's good that someone Ole Anthony is being asked the same questions that he's asking other ministries. And it's telling that he doesn't seem to be very forthcoming with the answers to these questions.

Hopefully,someone currently at Trinity will comment here, or I can get in contact with them to get some answers to these questions.

Posted by Warren at November 25, 2007 02:37 PM

Wendy and Doug Duncan. We are tired of seeing you bash Ole' every chance you get. If Doug had a problem with Ole', why did he hang around for so long, and why were you there for seven years, Wendy. You are making money off of Ole' so you are going to say what you have to in order to do so. Doug was OK until you came into his life, Wendy. How many times have you been married, Mrs. Duncan? It's apparent that you haven't been listening to God for years, or you wouldn't be doing what you are, you sinner, you hypocrite. Now, move on and get lifes, Mr. and Mrs. Duncan. If anyone notes, these are the two people who attack any and everything posted about Ole', who is a wonderful, intelligent man who knows what he is doing and many people in the world thank him.

Posted by It's me again at December 9, 2007 08:19 AM

It's me again,

I don't doubt that many people are happy with Ole, or that he's helped a lot of people out. There's no doubt of that. Of course, the people he's got Congress investigating have also helped people out all over the world, and there are many people who are happy with them, too. I think that it's only fair that the Trinity Foundation be able to withstand the same level of scrutiny that they expect from other ministries -- and thus far, nobody's been willing or able to put them to the test.

It seems to me that Ole Anthony would be more than willing to allow someone to investigate him the way he's investigated Hagee, Hinn, Meyers, Dollar, etc.

Posted by Warren at December 9, 2007 04:02 PM

Mr. and Mrs. Duncan are helping people who have been deceived by charismatic leaders and cult like religions.You see, these leaders will subvert the message of Christ because they need for their followers to make them feel equal to God and, by the way, feed their bellies while feeding their egos. Charismatic leaders deceive themselves, too. That doesn't make them innocent nor their followers innocent because we are all accountable for knowing the truth. I mean look at Ole's fruits. Is he kind, loving, forgiving, patient? What about his words? Are they wholesome and does he set a good example to children? When I met the man, he was meanspirited, condemning, harsh,and used foul language. Thankfully we have been forgiven by God's gift of Jesus whom we celebrate at Christmas. Does Ole celebrate Christmas or does he get caught up in some controvery so he can spin away and present his intellectual viewpoint while condemning those who don't?

Posted by Joesephine at December 9, 2007 05:18 PM
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