Hang tough Sarah.

Posted by Badger 6 at December 6, 2007 04:55 PM


Posted by airforcewife at December 6, 2007 05:12 PM

I think you've got great perspective. Take care. And some more hugs.

Posted by Butterfly Wife at December 6, 2007 05:20 PM


You have handled this 1/2 inch of water with great grace and, while I'm around, you're certainly entitled to lose perspective for a bit to allow you to have whatever feelings you want to. You're taking those and turning them around to keep moving forward makes me want to hug you even harder. :)

Posted by Guard Wife at December 6, 2007 06:41 PM

You have every right to whimper some. and indulge in a bout of feeling sorry for yourself and your husband. don't do it too long, but a little bit is a totally normal human thing to do.

You have been an amazingly strong lady through all this. Bending a little won't hurt.

Sending lots of good thoughts (and if I could, hugs and chocolate)


Posted by liberal army wife at December 6, 2007 07:21 PM

You are in my heart and thoughts and many hugs to you and your hubby!

Posted by LMT at December 7, 2007 07:43 AM

You've handled this amazingly well. Just remember that it is okay to grieve. My heart goes out to you and I'm sending more hugs your way.

Posted by Marine Wife at December 7, 2007 08:56 PM

Your day will come. I am sorry it's taking so long. At least you can have kids.

Posted by James Hudnall at December 7, 2007 11:47 PM