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Nothing could be worse than a dollar-store pregnancy test. For when you REALLY don't want to know what the truth is!

Posted by Dawn at April 15, 2004 10:19 PM

I bought a gross of condoms at Chicago's old Maxwell Street flea market for $15. The condom whose failure led to the birth of my son did not come from that batch but was a regular name brand one bought at Walgreens.

Posted by triticale at April 16, 2004 01:40 AM

Were they by any chance lambskin, Triticale...? 'Coz then we could compare notes--that's how MY son (pardon the pun) came into being!

Wonderful lambskin, which is about as good as nothing at all...

There's a "Bible Outlet" in one of the many Outlet Malls that pockmark Central Texas. Hubby and I passed by it and had a similar thought pass our heads, only we had visions of The Gospels According to Steve Austin, Hulk Hogan, the Undertaker... ;-)


Posted by Denita TwoDragons at April 16, 2004 10:43 AM
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