Comments: Book Review: Opening Atlantis by Harry Turtledove

I've always wanted to read one of his books -- any you'd say is the best?

Posted by JK at January 24, 2008 01:48 AM

Ruled Britannia is excellent, In The Presence of Mine Enemies is also good. Guns of the South is fun, but alt-history purists don't like it because it involves time travel. How Few Remain is a great book, but it lead to the whole Great War/Settling Accounts mess. Just alone, though, it's good.

Posted by Warren at January 24, 2008 02:12 PM

I'd suggest A Different Flesh, a fixup of stories set in a world where the Americas were shut off from the Old World and so the ancestors of the Amerinds never settled there and hunted the megafauna to extinction and the Jamestown settlers encounter hominids (homo habilis or australopithecines). Ruled Britannia is also really good, as is The Two Georges (written with Richard Dreyfus).

Posted by Stu Shiffman at January 30, 2008 04:00 PM

> I've always wanted to read one of his books -- any you'd say is the best?

Guns of the South, really, is the best introduction to him. Purists may complain about elements of the story, but it's, to me, a minor quibble. I like his work, he's one of the authors I get in hardback rather than waiting for paperbacks, but I do agree with the above that it seems to me that he takes the easy route in much of his fiction by resetting/retelling historical events by shifting the mileau. As such, I find his strict alternate history to be weaker quality than the "vaguely" alternate history, like Videssos.

How many, for example, have noticed the fact that the Videssos map is basically Europe and Eastern Asia mirror imaged, and many of the stories are tales from actual history?

I'd rank the three completed Videssos series as the next best introduction after Guns of the South. Read Krispos, then the Legion, then Time of Troubles. The latter sequence is told from both side of the events which created Byzantium out of the old Eastern Roman Empire.

Then try the Hellenic Traders series (Over The Wine Dark Sea, etc.). The "Elabon" books are fun, too, as is Ruled Brittanica. After that, you're on your own.

You'll note that I've tended to avoid his alternate history, as most of it is ok, but not spectacular. I sort of think of his alternate history as a way to get a feel for history, more than as really good alternate history.

The WorldWar series is decent, but it seems as though the final book (of "Colonization") was shoehorned into a single book instead of two or three. It also suffers from the basic issue of any alternate history -- you may postulate a set of roles, but assuming that the same people will arise (i.e., in analogues) after a major change has been introduced -- esp. decades down the line -- has always struck me as problematic. It's the problem I always had with the "Sliders" TV series -- a certain person is far too much a confluence of special forces for that person to exist long after a major change is introduced. It's sloppy storytelling to think that a society with a vast change (such as a matriarchy instead of a patriarchy since time immemorial) would still have "you" and "me" in it in 2008 -- esp. as an reversed sex analogue, to boot... So you would not expect to see, say, a recognizable John F. Kennedy arising after the events of WorldWar.

Turtledove does deal with this better in the "Timeline-191" series than he did in "Colonization", though I personally doubt if the flow of the 20th century was quite as inevitable that its WWII would look anything like our WWII, after the events of the alternate WWI.

I recommend his books, but think his best stuff is either the historical fiction or the non-alternate history stuff (Videssos technically qualifies but less so than much of the other stuff).

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