Comments: More Sense Than Sensibility

I got Lizzie, which is not a bad result for me. :)

Posted by Jennifer at April 24, 2008 03:19 PM

I think you are much like Elinor Dashwood.

And also, I think that is a pretty name for the new baby, especially with your surname.

Posted by Meredith at April 25, 2008 11:40 AM

I got Marianne Dashwood the first time, was horrified, went back and changed two answers, and got Elinor. Then I took it again and got ... Elinor again! I guess I relate to E. a bit ... to Marianne, hardly at all. Much as I love Elizabeth Bennet, I fear I'm not really like her no matter how many times I take an online quiz! :)

Posted by Another Jordana at April 30, 2008 06:56 AM